Named  One  of  America's  Best  Chocolatiers


Beijo de Chocolat has won multiple Gold Medals for its handmade truffles.  It is known for its delicious and creative spin on the Brazilian Brigadeiro.  This mouthwatering chocolate has a creamy, fudge-like center that truly is a "Kiss of Chocolate."

Dearest Beijo Customers:

We're Moving!  After 7 amazing years in Chicago's North Park neighborhood, we will be closing our retail store on March 5 and moving home to Michigan.  It's an exciting move filled with all sorts of opportunities for Beijo.  Once settled, we hope our Chicago family will stop by.  We are going to  miss you!!  Thank You for everything!!

Laura Case

Owner/Beijo de Chocolat

Boyne City Farmers Market

Veterans Memorial Park

319 N. Lake Street

Boyne City, Michigan

Wed & Sat      8am- Noon

May - Oct

​One of 12 Grand  Master Chocolatiers in the U.S.

​​2016 Farmers Markets

We're in the Process of Relocating.  Please Contact us through email at

 B eijo  de   Chocolat  

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Beijo's Toffees and Barks are taken to a new level with original and delicious ingredients.  Our Caramel Apple Pie Toffee and our S'More Toffee are Gold Medal winners in the International Chocolate Salon Competition.


Charlevoix Farmers Market

East Park

​Bridge Street (Downtown)

Charlevoix, Michigan

Thursdays 8am - 1pm

May - Oct

Toffee & Barks

Beijo's Out and About!         Events Listed Below

Award-Winning Chocolates & Toffee

The best part of any meal is dessert.  Let Beijo's chef create a beautiful, buttercream cake for any occasion.  We offer a wide variety of fillings and sizes for Weddings to Birthdays.